Hotel Clock Radio With Soundflow™ Wireless Audio

Hotel Clock Radio With Soundflow™ Wireless Audio

SoundFlow Wireless Audio
Now you can offer your guests the convenience and simplicity of listening to their smartphone music wirelessly without having to pair or connect a device. SoundFlow Wireless Audio is as simple as pressing play on their smartphone and placing it on the soundmat. It’s just that easy and it works with any smartphone.

Battery Backup
With “no worry” battery backup, the time setting will be saved and the alarm will sound even when power is lost.

Simple, Intuitive Interface
Simple 1,2,3 instructions guide users through alarm setting and music playback.

Volume Limits
Easily set the maximum volume level for each room.
No more disturbing other guests.

Security Features
The anti-theft door on bottom panel protects batteries. Time settings and max volume control are hidden on bottom and can’t be changed by guests. The unit has a security screw slot for optional security cable.

Universal Charging Station
Charges a smartphone or a tablet with, side-panel USB port.

Alarms and Daylight Savings Time (DST)
Single day alarm, plus built-in calendar for automatic DST adjustment.

Product Features

  • Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment
  • USB connection (for smartphone and tablet charging)
  • AUX-input connection (with pig tail style built-in cable)
  • Single day wake alarm feature
  • FM radio
  • Seek/Scan feature
  • High-contrast, green 0.9” LED display
  • Auto switching mode power adapter with semi-permanent power cable prevents accidental unplugging
  • Includes: Hotel Clock Radio with SoundFlow Wireless Audio and Universal Charging
  • Includes: Power adapter (switching mode), Input 100-240V; 50/60Hz

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