LPConnect® Devices

LPConnect® Devices

LPConnect® Devices is a series of intelligent devices designed to meet the ever-changing demands of a connected guest environment. LPConnect Devices increase energy efficiency, ensure security, and respond intuitively to a guest’s comfort level, making hospitality spaces work for you and your guests.

Product Features

  • Control energy costs in unoccupied guest rooms
  • Efficiently track housekeeping and maintenance operations
  • Detect room occupancy to adjust maintenance and cleaning schedules
  • Customize individual guest preferences
  • Receive real-time data on any smart device
  • Easily connect to other intelligent devices and systems

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Additional Product Information


  • Devices Include::

    Door/window sensors
    Water sensors
    Lamp modules
    Temperature/humidity sensors
    Motion sensors
    Smart thermostats
    Appliance modules
    Light switches
    And much more!

Samsung Reach Certified | LG Pro:Centric FMA Certified | Enseo Galileo Server Trained | Panasonic FMA Certified