Imagine furniture that knows your guests’ preferences – lighting, room temperature, bed position, and more.

Our LPConnect® technology allows furniture to interconnect with smartphones, tablets, and other smart products. This system recognizes customer preferences to adjust room settings and create a personalized, welcoming environment for guests – meaning increased brand loyalty and repeat business.

LPConnect is an open system that can be easily integrated with a variety of platforms used in residential, commercial, and manufacturing applications, including:

  • Pre-programmed room scenes created for sleeping, watching TV, reading, and more
  • A custom wake-up alarm that can be set to turn on lights, open shades, raise an adjustable bed, and more
  • Smartphone or tablet apps that allow users to control any aspect of the room – lighting, temperature, sound, etc. – from the comfort of their bed

Compatible platforms include:

  • ZigBee HA1.2
  • Bluetooth low energy
  • TCP/IP

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Samsung Reach Certified | LG Pro:Centric FMA Certified | Enseo Galileo Server Trained | Panasonic FMA Certified