LPSense® Illuminate

LPSense® Illuminate

Hotel guests often wake up in the middle of the night feeling disoriented in an unfamiliar setting. Navigating a dark, foreign room poses many safety hazards, increasing the likelihood of bumping into furniture and tripping over personal items.

With under-lighting integrated into beds, nightstands, end tables, cabinets, vanities, and dressers, LP Sense® Illuminate enhances guest safety and comfort by automatically providing a soft glow upon sensing a guest’s presence. Our under-lighting kits are designed for simple installation with just a few easy steps.

Product Features

  • Guests feel more comfortable and safe, positioning hotels to build repeat business
  • Guests are less likely to injure themselves in the middle of the night
  • System easily installs with existing beds

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Additional Product Information

Samsung Reach Certified | LG Pro:Centric FMA Certified | Enseo Galileo Server Trained | Panasonic FMA Certified