Create products that can detect human presence and react to it
LPSense® uses capacitive sensing technology to detect human presence and trigger events based on an individual’s activity, allowing products to react to user preferences automatically.

The applications for LPSense components are endless – anything that people interact with can be made smarter.

Product Features

  • When placed in an bed, LPSense detects occupancy
  • In a recliner, LPSense closes the reclining mechanism when a person gets out of the chair, making it a perfect fit for commercial theater seating
  • When incorporated into home theater-style seating, LPSense can be used to pause/play movies and adjust lighting based on whether or not seats are occupied
  • LPSense detects human contact in pinch points of mechanisms, stopping operation when it senses an obstruction
  • In safety fencing, LPSense detects possible safety hazards or break-ins

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Additional Product Information

Samsung Reach Certified | LG Pro:Centric FMA Certified | Enseo Galileo Server Trained | Panasonic FMA Certified