Peerless UV2 Outdoor TV

Peerless UV2 Outdoor TV

Peerless 47″ Outdoor TV & 55″ Outdoor TV

There has never been an outdoor TV like the Peerless-AV UV2™. An all-season solution for outdoor entertainment and living, the UV2 is weatherproof and maintenance free, making the outdoors a reliable location for digital entertainment. Homeowners as well as restaurant and bar owners can now have the quality outdoor TV experience they’ve been looking for. With the highest operating ratings in its class, the UV2 is the perfect choice for any outdoor environment.

Product Features

  • Integrated thermal management system allows an operating range of -24°F to 124°F
  • Construction materials provide the ultimate defense against weather, discoloration and impac
  • Waterproof external speakers provide excellent sound
  • LED backlight and full HD 1080p resolution for a bright, crisp picture

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