Universal Anit-Microbial Remote

Universal Anit-Microbial Remote

Universal Anit-Microbial Remote


Controls – up to 2 devices TV and SAT/CBL/DTC

Replaces – and consolidates most major remote brands

Simplifies device setup – with automatic, manual and direct code search methods

Protects itself – with an outer membrane that prevents dust and debris from settling between keys

Cleans up quickly – and easily since its smooth surface lets you wipe away spills, residue and more

Enables direct access – to digital sub-channels (like 59.1)

Includes Closed Captioning – for broadcasts with captions for the hearing-impaired

Factory-programmed to simplify TV setup – The TV button is preprogrammed with the most popular code for each of these TV brands: RCA, Philips, LG, Panasonic, Vizio and Zenith. By doing so, there’s potentially no need to program a TV code

Secure screw included for battery door

90-Day Limited Warranty

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Additional Product Information

Samsung Reach Certified | LG Pro:Centric FMA Certified | Enseo Galileo Server Trained | Panasonic FMA Certified